CREAP is a native token in CRYPTREAPER Ecosystem based on Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of work (PoW) Consensus of Binance Smart chain Blockchain Technology.
  • Contract Address - 0x2c9a2f2282c81ed4761e2792def9be99d9a3e032
  • Total supply - 1,000,000,000
  • Max wallet - 3%
  • Max Transaction - 2%
Tax information
  • Buy tax - 5%
  • Sell tax - 5%
Tax Distribution
  • Liquidity pool - 1%
  • Whale stakers rewards - 1%
  • NFT Rewards - 1%
  • Marketing & development - 2%
Note - This is the present tokenomics we reserve the rights to modify/change this according to the demand of the project . We make sure It will always help investors and project.
Liquidity pool 1% - our smart contract is having function that can create Auto liquidity . 1% of every transaction is dedicated for liquidity pool so that we can provide maximum Security to the investors.
Whale Stakers rewards 1% - The investor who holds 2.5% of total supply will be considered as whale.He/She will receive BNB as rewards if they hold and support the floor. 1% of transaction tax dedicated to whale stakers. We accumulate and Airdrop time to time.
NFT Rewards 1% - NFTs buyers are eligible to get BNB rewards . 1% of transaction tax dedicated to NFT rewards. we will accumulate BNB and airdrop time to time .
Marketing & Development 2% - To bring utility and to bring awareness about project we need to market it . For that we need funds so we dedicate 2% of transcation tax to the marketing and development .
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